Barn Restoration,
Renovation & Conversion

Historic Barn Restoration
for Preservation & Barn Conversion for Creative Reuse


Sylvan Stolzfus Builders helps your farm tell its story, whether it's one rich in history or ready for a unique repurposed transformation.

Old barns are good for more than reclaimed wood. Preserve history, redeem estate value, and increase your financial investment by turning your run-down barn into a functional and architectural masterpiece.

Barn Restoration

Our Barn Restoration Stays True to the Orginal Character

Why demolish the old timber frame barn on your property—one that was once the center of an estate and family livelihood—when you can renovate it making it usable and valuable again? Don't think of the decrepit pole barn as a money pit or eye-sore—restore it, and you'll continue its story.

There's always beauty and value in leaving a lasting legacy, and as proud barnyard builders, we're there to make it a reality.

While barn restoration may not involve all the guidelines and laws of historic preservation, the goal is to return a building's interior and exterior appearance to its original state. Most privately owned barns are restored to include modern amenities like indoor plumbing and electricity while preserving noteworthy and iconic historical and architectural features.

Our Barn Pros Care about Saving Your Property's History

We believe in staying true to the character of period design down to the finest details to ensure the barn feels authentic. We enjoy historic restoration work and have a great deal of experience with older timber-frame buildings as well as post and beam barns. We can bring any tired old farm building back to life.

Sylvan Stoltzfus Builders' team works on—

  • Timber frame barns
  • Bank barns
  • Post, beam, and pole barns
  • Gambrel and gable barns

We use with the highest quality materials and extraordinary building techniques to create custom barns designed to stand the test of time. Add impressive aesthetic appeal to your new barn with our selection of barn door designs and accents.

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Barn Renovation

Barn Renovation with Your Goals in Mind

Renovation can be returning a barn to a good state of repair or making it better than it was before. If differs from restoration in that there's not as big of an emphasis on preserving the building's historical elements, in that more modern styles and accents may be applied.

Let us know what you want your barn to look like, what needs to be fixed or repaired, how you want to function, etc. and we'll work with you to create what you need for your perfect barn renovation.

Reasons to Consider Renovating Your Old Barn

Here are some reasons why you may want to consider renovating a dilapidated barn on your property instead of letting it fall into irreversible repair.

  • Renovating can improve the value of the building. Demolition may be cheaper in the short term, but renovation will increase your property and resale value in the long run. The loss of a barn often changes the character and mood of an entire property.

  • Renovating can fix safety issues. Some renovation projects can’t be put off. Electrical problems, roof leaks, or a crack in the foundation are some problems that must be taken care of for the safety of others and to prevent catastrophic or total loss of the building.

  • Renovating can upgrade your barn's function. Increasing square footage, adding a restroom, and creating an office are all practical upgrades that can increase the functionality and value of your barn.

  • Renovating can add curb appeal. Exterior details can draw attention to any barn's architectural details—from custom doors to high-end hinges to high-quality paint. Gain sophisticated curb appeal that transcends time.

High-Quality Materials and Perfect Barn Accents

We only use the best, highest-quality materials—that includes grand timber posts with old fashion mortise and tenon joinery, hemlock posts, hand carved barn doors, or whatever you dream up—for your barn. 

Don't forget about customized accents. Ask us about our custom accents that can add a unique touch to your renovation investment.

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Barn Conversion

Collaborate with Us to Profit from Unique Building Reuse Conversions

Conversion, also known as creative reuse or repurposing, is when a new purpose or function is given to a preexisting structure. Let Sylvan Stoltzfus Builders help you transform your current barn into a completely freshened space, with a new functionality and purpose.

An example of our custom barn conversion services would be converting an old barn into an investment like a meeting or wedding venue, party space, retail store, winery, or bed & breakfast. Your building could still have the rich wooden barn look, but function as completely separate business.

Transform Your Building into Your New Barn Home

Maybe you're not looking to make money on your reuse project.

Perhaps you simply want to transform your barn into a game room or man cave. Or better yet—a home. While barns make great venues and extended living space, imagine the beauty of a barn house. Many of the most charming details in such a residence end up being the ones left untouched during the transformation: the original rustic exterior, structural posts, floors, and ceiling beams.

Envision a grand historical barn converted into a stunning and unique home for your family. These farm buildings make rich and lovely barn homes.

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