Custom Houses, Home Renovations & Additions

Personalized Builds for Luxurious Home Living


Our Amish craftsmenship separates Sylvan Stoltzfus Builders from those other cookie-cutter construction companies.

We work with Lancaster County, PA Amish craftsmen and trusted local plumbers, electricians, HVAC companies, and others to make sure every detail is in order.

We Listen to Your Home Design Ideas

The planning typically starts when our custom home builders and designers meet with a client to ascertain their design preferences and space considerations. Having a client show pictures of the style elements they like is always helpful, but not necessary. Because the heartbeat of our company is truly listening to our clients as they express their dreams, we are always open to the client's ideas.

We understand that a well-designed space makes all the difference. A house—or even a house addition—without purpose or practicality is wasted space. We're good at understanding a project, listening to clients explain how they'd like the space to be laid out, and grasping the most effective use of space. This is not limited to new house construction, but also covers home renovations and more.

We Tackle Large-Scale Home Construction & Renovations

We may be luxury home builders who create new house construction, but we also handle other large-scale projects like home remodeling and house additions including building custom kitchens, luxurious bathrooms, impressive media rooms, or just refreshing or repurposing existing space.

Many of the houses we work on have timber frame elements—but that's not a requirement. We specialize in timber frame houses, but we're not limited to them. We work with and utilize high-quality materials that are the best fit for both the client's design dream and budget range.

We're Trusted for Our Quality

Throughout the years, clients have asked us to build house additions and custom homes. That's because our clients have come to trust us, knowing that we'll get the job done right and with integrity. They know our team will respect their property, keep things neat and tidy, and will do whatever it takes to make them happy.

The bottom line for us—whether you want a timber frame house or not—is to create a luxury home living space that's beautiful, useful, and something that you're proud of for years to come. 

We Consider Your Lifestyle

We always ask our clients, "How do you use your house?" Asking this question includes a wide range of considerations like—

  • How do you work in your kitchen? For instance, should your oven be near your sink or by your refrigerator?
  • Does your family need a TV-free space in which they can study quietly or read uninterrupted by ambient noise?
  • From when you wake up in the morning until you go to bed at night, how do you maneuver through your house or interact with your living space?
  • How big do you want your front entrance way?
  • How large does your mudroom need to be?
  • Do you like an open-concept living room and kitchen for entertaining?

All these questions and more are the critical things for custom home builders to discuss with clients upfront.

If you're considering converting a barn into a house, learn about our Barn Conversion service.

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